Japanese Santoku Knife – Modern Universal Knife

Both professional chefs and amateur enthusiasts who like to prepare delicious meals, should in any case have quality kitchen knives. Today, manufacturers provide various lines of knives, both special ones used always in kitchen (cutting, chopping, slicing etc.), as well as versatile knives.

One advanced type of kitchen knives is the Japanese Santoku knife. It is a knife, which is generally considered to be quite versatile, but was created and especially designed for the preparation of Japanese cuisine. And given that it is intended for the local market, its qualities, such as the blade shape, have been slightly adapted to Western trends.

What is the best Santoku knife used for is actually contained in its name. Free translation of the word Santoku means something like “three purposes”. And precisely for three basic purposes in the kitchen is the Santoku used. You can easily use it for slicing fish, meat and vegetables.

Japanese Santoku knife will fit into your kitchen for cutting and preparing fish instead of filleting knife, a typical Asian product, as well as to prepare local meats. It is also easy to slice vegetables and it doesn’f fail at slicing fruit either. In short, the Japanese Santoku knife is one great universal helper which will enrich your collection of kitchen knives.

In what lies the magic of Santoku?

Cutting or slicing with this knife is very simple and convenient, among other things because it has very high quality thin blade, usually made of tempered steel. This allows you to cut even the thinnest slices of meat or vegetables without major problems.

Santoku knives material

Santoku knives’ surface is non-stick, which will be appreciated by everyone, even the less experienced. The good properties of these blades is also the fact that the material from which they are made is very light. Handling the knife is very comfortable.

If you want to buy a good knife for fish, meat or vegetables, the Japanese Santoku knife is certainly the right choice. In addition, you can also choose the length of the blade. Commonly sold Santoku knives have blades ranging from 4 to 9 inches, it’s up to you what you’ll most often use.

The Japanese have many things ingenious and unique. Even this knife can belong among these things. Not for nothing is it among the most commonly used knives in professional kitchens in Asia.

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